Daventry Tigers & TKD


Online Classes

If physical classes are suspended again, we can offer good quality interactive classes online instead. 

Details of all our online classes can be found in our private Facebook group.  

Zoom Classes

Zoom links will not be shared on social media but are distributed by private chat groups only.  You will therefore need Facebook or Facebook Messenger to access these links.  

To join a Zoom class you will need something like a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, computer or smart TV. Webcams are not essential, but are beneficial.

You do not need to install Zoom, but there is an app you can install if you wish which some people may find is a little faster.

There is also a special Facebook Online Training page which is only open to paying students and their parents/carers.  There you can find recordings of all the classes.  There is also a great deal of information about gradings, the syllabus, theory, and tag sheets for the lower belts.  There are also lots of helpful tutorial videos of how to do patterns, three step sparring and two step sparring.  You will need a Facebook account to join this page.


  • Should you wish to train for longer you may join in with a lower belt class at any point before your class begins. 
  • All clubs train together; Banbury, Daventry and Woodford students.
  • Please warm up before your class starts. 
  • Please wear your dobok or club trousers/T shirts.
  • If possible, please try to position a light between your camera and your face, not behind you.  
  • All classes are recorded and are available for later viewing on the Facebook training page. 
  • Those who pay for once per week training can attend any day each week, those who pay for unlimited training can come to as many classes as they wish.
  • All fees will be reduced by approx 1/3 whilst classes are online.  You will be credited for any physical classes you have paid for which we could not provide because of lockdown. 

Anyone who is only paying for once per week training who wishes to upgrade to unlimited training, please contact us for details.

Click here to go to our Online Training group.  

(You will need a Facebook account to join.)