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Easter Holidays Country Park Rock Hunt

Daventry Tigers Rock Hunt

How many rocks can you find?

During the Easter School Holidays, we ran our hugely popular 'Rock Hunt' again.  There were 70 painted rocks and stones hidden all around Daventry Country Park.  Scoring ones had the words 'Daventry Tigers TKD' on them and a hashtag with a special Taekwondo word.  There were also some red herring stones which did not score.

Why not try Tigers?

If you enjoyed our Rock Hunt, you might like our Tiger classes. We teach children from age 4, and our oldest student is 74. We teach in a fun way with lots of games, rather than the more formal style that you might associate with traditional martial arts training.

We are delighted to be able to play Dodgeball again, a particular favourite game among the Tigers.

We offer three free sessions - please call or text to book your free trial on 07799 647056.

Search Area

All around the lake, where highlighted here in yellow.

Map showing location of Country Park