Daventry Tigers & TKD


The English Championships

The next competition is the English Championships which is on 6th March 2022, in Worcester Arena.

Please apply online here:

Click here to enter

Closing Date - Monday 21st Feb '22.  NB you will need to have both entered and PAID by this date.

For the full information pack, click here.

All Officials to arrive by 8.30am

All Competitors to arrive by 9.00am

Ticket Prices

£15 per Event (Aged 16 or over) 

£10 per Spectator (under 5s free)

£15 Tag team/team patterns, per team (i.e. £5 each)

15 year olds and under have their Individual Sparring and Individual Patterns tickets subsidised at 50% by the Club Committee, so these only cost £7.50 each.

Please ensure you bring your wristband with you.  If you leave it behind you will have to pay again to get in.


ticket prices 


Team Patterns

Male/Female in same divisions, 3 competitors in a team


  • Yellow Tag to Green Tag
  • Green Belt to Blue Belt
  • Red Tag to Black Tag
  • All Dan Grades


Up to and including 15 years old

Black belts up to and including 14 years old


Black Belts only - age 15-17 - all Dan grades together 


Coloured belts aged 16 or over

Adult black belts Female 18-34, Male 18-39

Executive Male

Black belts only - age 40 or over; patterns and sparring - all Dans together

Executive Female

Black Belts only - age 35 or over; patterns and sparring - all Dans together

Belts - please wear the belt you were when you entered the competition

Officials - please remember to bring your licence to be stamped

For a copy of the latest TAGB Competition rules click here (please note that Point Stop and Continuous now have the same rules for Loss of Balance and Travelling, the rules have not been updated since to show this)


Worcester Arena

University of Worcester

Seven Campus